Monday, March 2, 2009

An entire week goes by ... and I promise to be better at this.


I was on vacation all week and today is my last day of vacation bliss. Tomorrow I head back to work. Jenny & Trina came to visit, arriving late on Monday. Bedtime here was about 3 a.m. on Monday nite. Believe it or not, the kids actually made it to school on Tuesday. Miracles never cease.

Tuesday we visited all day at the dentist office. What troopers my company were. :)

Wednesday we hit some stores. Jenny can find Walmart, Target, several thrift stores, several other cute stores. In the evening it was to song services.

Thursday we had lunch at Denise's along with Carol. Home for several hours and then to a baby shower for Chantel. Home for a little bit and off to the airport to pick up Frans ... and do another 3 a.m. We're really getting good at this!

Friday Jenny & I went to a few stores and came home to meet the guys on the road, just leaving the driveway. With a trailer in tow. They were heading off to ride for a little bit. Good thing they did. Frans wasn't walking too well afterward. Not due to snowmachining, but probably a nasty airplane seat. We hauled the limping man out to dinner on Friday evening and then afterwards had a houseful of company. Kevin & Renae came home Friday evening too! How fun to have them back again. :)

Saturday Frans nursed his back a bit. We got dumped on with absolutely gorgeous snow. So thrilled ... I had asked for it. :) Jenny, Alyx, Tia & I hit the shops in Palmer. I've lived here for 15 months and hadn't been in any of them ... except for the thrift shop that wasn't worth going into! It was super fun. Didn't buy a thing ... just window shopped. In the evening we went to Richard & Carol's for dinner, sauna and visiting with another houseful.

We had been wanting to take a drive to Whittier and show Frans & Jenny the drive. With snow falling like crazy on Saturday, along with an uncooperative back, the got pushed to Sunday. The day was beautiful! I think they were able to get a few photos. Will look forward to seeing them posted somewhere in the web world. Back home for a dinner of salmon and halibut, with strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert. Homemade pie. I'm getting there. Slowly but surely. More company ... more visiting ... then off to the airport. Before leaving, they were trying to get boarding passes online. These times/dates of flights can be a bit of a challenge. Their flight actually left the night before. Oops! All turned out well. Apparently, Trina didn't sleep much on the way home. They must all be exhausted ... and hot! Only 22 degrees here today and 89 in Phoenix. Welcome back really soon!!

So, today is Monday. Declined a day of snowmachining at the cabin. Need a day at home to get a few things done before work starts tomorrow. I'm getting there.

  1. checkbook done
  2. bills paid
  3. laundry sorted
  4. water is back on ... jari is working in the basement
  5. now that the water is back on .... load 2 of 10 is nearly done
  6. photos loaded and deleted
  7. blog/bebo updated

Still to do:

  1. look at Blayde's tax return info
  2. check out some QuickBooks capabilities
  3. make dinner (5:14 already ... need to get a move on that one)
  4. read a chapter or two with Tia
  5. do those other 8 loads of laundry :)

Hoping your Monday is a great one!

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