Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The camera made it home, but

the icicles were gone. Shucks! I just need to share these pictures with you because I think they're fun. I'm stuck with the camera phone pictures ... but maybe you can still see a little bit of the icicles.
Back to work today ... having yesterday off was a real treat. Didn't get a stinkin' think done, other than

  • 2 trips to Anchorage within 24 hours (thank goodness for clean roads or I would have needed a massage big time!)
  • a quick stop at Costco to get none of the things on the kids' wish list (helps if I know what the wish list items are)
  • several loads of laundry done (had one more laundry chute hole in within several hours of Jari being home ... still needs to be prettied up)
  • half of another book read
  • out to lunch with Denise & Carol at Thai Cuisine (as good as it was ... my gut knew something foreign had hit it before I hit the car)
  • didn't cook dinner ... it was cereal or scrounge evening
  • relaxed and enjoyed having hubby home!
Happy Tuesday!

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