Thursday, March 26, 2009

Long johns and dinner

No. Not the foody long johns. The cloth ones. My hubby has proudly been showing me his bare lower leg the last few days. :)

This is a big thing.

He typically has managed to wear long johns until fishing season starts! Somehow this is all backwards. He comes home from warm climates with a glorious tan ... and sheds the long johns! Makes me chuckle.


Why do I bother? Nearly every evening of the week I put a good dinner on the table. Last year I was learning to crock pot cook everything ... then I learned that one can be home by 4:45, get something in the oven that takes an hour to bake and still eat at a decent hour. Last night it was Lasagne. Tonite it was Hello Chicken Goodbye Turkey. 9x13 pan of this yummy dinner ... and only 2 of us ate tonite. Argh! The 2 eaters were Jari & myself. Blayde & Alyx are both working, Anna & Tia are both crashed and Brock wasn't hungry.

I guess they'll be enjoying left overs for a few days ... and I'll read my book!

Last night I managed to put a little fun thing together. Will try and post pictures tomorrow. Have been wanting something that looks like a coupon organizer ... but a cute one. I'm starting a number of Funds. My mom has done this for years. I would try and then run short on cash and have to "borrow" from one. That always meant the end of that fund! Am trying it again. I just thought it might be fun to make something that was attractive to do my collecting in. I'll try share tomorrow.

Still no progress on this weeks goals. I seem to get distracted easily. :)

Back to my book for a bit.

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Anonymous said...

oooh, did you make me one too? I still need to buy something and start my savings!! Can't wait to see a picture!