Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday evening ...

There is a most special man sitting on an airplane right now ... almost over Oregon.

He's moving at 489 mph at about 34,000 feet. And I wonder why my kids may be a little ADD? Just kidding. I love my kids. They can be a little hyper, but so can their parents.

After a moving and shaking week ... hubby is coming home to a temperature of 25 degrees. Had a light dusting of snow today that just made things look a tad bit prettier. Could have used an inch at least to really spruce things up. Amazing how clean it looks after a fresh dusting.

The week has flown by here. Fun happenings, normal school stuff (and I actually managed to get them to the bus on time) and laundry. Always laundry. Brock would tell you that it is because of him that I got them to the bus on time. He woke me up in the mornings ... cuz someone wakes him up ... and it isn't me. :)

My ever so cool icicles are still hanging off the porch. Can't wait to share pictures of those with you tomorrow. Then you'll understand this whole icicle thing I've got going on. You see ... my camera is at 34,000 ... now at 488 mph ... and nearing the Washington border. Just gotta love flight tracking. Do you s'pose someone is just entering goofy things in a computer somewhere and I'm soaking it right up? Could be, but I'll just play along anyway.

Enjoy your Sunday evening ... and for those of you further away ... Happy Monday!

** He's now at 36,000 feet and 1,608 miles from Anchorage. :)

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Anonymous said...

Frans just called me and told me about the volcano erupting and Jari being in Seattle! Didn't it know that you were beyond anxious to see your hubby and it couldn't have held off for another hour or two!!?! At least he is safe and all is well! What a bummer tho! You may still be curled up under the sheets, so I will try calling you a little later....or maybe you had to go into work today?