Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Monday!

This morning Tia & I headed for the dentist. She had an appointment for some fillings and I for some hygenist work. Both at 8:00. The hygenist usually doesn't come in until 9, so when we scheduled the appointments she had asked them to please call her the Friday before to remind her. Guess what. They forgot. Not an easy thing to reschedule. :( The office assured me that she had been reminded. I don't think so. She came in at 9 a.m. and was a bit embarrassed. I skipped my appointment and learned about organizing my life according to Good Housekeeping and I haven't had a chance to explore the sight myself. Can't tell you what is there. And to be perfectly honest ... I think I already forgot what I learned this morning. NOT a good sign. As a consolation prize for missing her appointment with me, I left with this package this morning. Should be fun to try!

We've been batting 1,000 around here. Alyx drives this lovely vehicle.

She has learned to pour oil in almost as fast as gasoline. To the shop it went last week. We picked it up Friday. Would cost more to repair everything than the car is worth. So we are hoping and praying that it will gimp its way through the rest of school. Drive nicely ... very nicely. I'm back to threatening the horse and pooper scooper again.

Have you ever had the pleasure of standing at the checkout lane at the grocery store, items are all rung up, you slide your wonderful debit card and the cashier looks at you and says "your card has been declined" experience? You shudder and ask her to do it again. Same response. Just great. I did on Saturday. Then I headed over to the gas pump. Figured as no one could see me to humiliate me even further, I'd try it again. This time it said "contact card issuer". Either the banking world had just shut down or my IRS refund check was no good. What on earth!! So I called the bank on my way home, got disconnected at just the point where we had figured out what happened, and called back again. Somehow, when I opened another account on Saturday morning, they had changed MY debit card to be attached to the new account. The account with not a red cent in it until the bank clears everything on Monday evening. Not happy. They straightened it out and were very apologetic, but talk about humiliating. I really need to remember how I look at folks. Heaven only knows what their story is ... they may actually be telling the truth!

That, in a nutshell, is my shareable fun stuff over the weekend and today. Yesterday evening I was gazing through magazines that hinted at planting vegies and flowers. Dreaming big time. Trying to figure out which zone I live in and what I might add where in the yard. Where do I move the tulips? Can tulips be moved? That kind of thing. This morning I actually took the tape measure out on the front porch. Two inches of brand new snow and it was still falling. Guess I'll have plenty of time to dream about these.

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Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Your post reminds of the time Ivan
was left sleeping in the van. I had paper work to do (Watkins or
Twp., don't remember which) and when I was done, went to shut off the sm. bedroom light. Ivan was not there. He wasn't anywhere. Yup, he was asleep in the van at
-40°. If that light had been off I
would have gone to sleep. When he
woke up he couldn't have gotten into the house; wouldn't have known
to trudge through the snow to our
bedroom window. Not much later a
toddler had froze to death during the night in Eveleth. I thought that that could so easily have
happened to us so no judging what
happened at that Eveleth home.