Friday, March 13, 2009

Some special ladies refilled my Cadbury mini egg stash

now I should really go for a walk!

I celebrated a birthday on Wednesday and it seemed to be in grand style. As far as I'm concerned, birthdays just become days (except for the big ones) at some point in life. I think I've been at that point for a while. But my family doesn't seem to agree with me. They are so sweet. I worked on Wednesday and was surprised by Alyx & Tia bringing me roses and balloons at work. BIG balloon ... no one could ever miss it. And they didn't. At work they brought in a cake for me. I think I heard "Happy Birthday" more on Wednesday than on any other day of my life. It was fun ... even if I felt a little silly.

I came home to dinner done, house cleaned and these on the table. Aren't they absolutely gorgeous. I looked at the tulips, at the sun shining in the windows and accepted spring. The basement may not be done before company shows up this summer, but I'm ready to say "welcome spring". So this weekend ... I'm taking down the Christmas lights. :)

Served coffee at Bible Class in the evening and then came home to visit with a houseful of lovely folks. Among some other wonderful prizes, my Cadbury mini egg stash was reloaded. Maybe tonite I can walk? I should have energy!

There was even some of this left over ... for breakfast. No, I didn't eat it for breakfast. Could have. I saved it for dinner on Thursday! Ain't life grand?!

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Anonymous said...

looks like you had a happy birthday. You deserve it so enjoy it.