Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An extra hour today

is all it took. I was motivated big time! Spring fever has hit. Doesn't matter if it is still snowing a bit every night. The afternoon was absolutely gorgeous with sunshine galore. And I hid in the basement. Right now I can't afford what I would really like in the laundry room ... so am improvising with things that can later (if ever) be moved somewhere else! I keep hoping to win Target's $5,000 from completing their online survey ... but no luck so far. :) Anyway, I worked on the basement ... and it felt downright wonderful! There is a lot of work to be done down there, but feel better looking at it now.

Tomorrow I offered to leave early as well. Probably shouldn't be doing this, but this week I just don't really care. I am in the mood to clean house and if I have the chance for an extra couple of hours to do it ... that is awesome! Whichever direction the motivation takes me tomorrow ... I'll just follow the path. Am really hoping that it takes me to the pantry. It could really use some help. Things like hooks, pegs, rods ... the trash can.

My kiddo is calling me. We have a date scheduled in the living room ... with a heating pad behind my back.

Think spring!

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