Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Somedays I get frustrated at working full time

and then I come home to a surprise like this one today! Jari made some marvelous progress in the laundry room today. Electrical is done. Insulation is nearly all in. Can lights are in. Doorway is framed in. It won't remain that short. I'll show you what we are doing with that one later on when it happens.

The plastic wall will be finished off. On the other side of that will be our storage area. The doorway on the right goes to the rest of the unfinished basement where my laundry is currently.
In the corner is my dryer vent ... just waiting. The washer and dryer will be along the wall on the left.
The white wall is on the back of the house. It will house shelving of some sort. We haven't figured out yet what exactly. Individual sections for individual folks? Part of it hanging closet rods for all those things that need to be hanging and we just don't have room in our closets? I also don't have a linen closet in the house, so it will house our linens. We will see what we come up with. :)
I just had to measure when I went down a minute ago to take pictures. 12ft x 16ft. I can't believe what a difference the insulation already makes. It feels warmer. Maybe because I'm thrilled about it ... or it really IS warmer.
So much fun to watch it all progressing! Tomorrow is Thursday ... I work and then am on call from 6pm to 11pm. If I end up working until 11pm .... wonder what I'll come home to tomorrow!

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