Monday, March 9, 2009

What a Monday ...

the kind where you keep looking at your contraband cell phone in the pocket at work ... hoping for a text message. Then nervous when you don't get one. Hoping that when you wheel into the yard after work ... you'll have good news not bad. Turned out good this evening.

Jari's aunt, Martta, has been on hospice care for the past days. I really don't know when that started. She lives in Florida, has lived there for years. I found an article on her today when I googled her name. If you can read Finn .. enjoy. If not, don't bother with the "translate" button. They translate word for word and it loses everything. Heini flew out there from AZ, arriving this morning. Martta was able to make it to the bathroom with assistance, is eating and talking. Will see what transpires with the situation this week.

My sister, Heather, started her pitocin drip this morning. Looks like she may beat my time record with start to finish laboring. Still no baby this evening ... but so far all is progressing ... though slowly. Maybe tomorrow morning I can share some exciting news!

Bryan & Lisa's baby, Michael, is back in the hospital. I heard that last evening, along with the words croup, intubation and 2 weeks. This evening when I talked to Lisa, there was a chance that they were coming home this evening. Hoping they made it home and babykins is doing well.

My dear mom, who has been jet setting all over the southwest, visited the ER in Missouri (?) last night. Pneumonia. Thank goodness she didn't need hospitalization. They hit the road and were at home back in Brainerd when I talked to her after getting home from work. Altho' she said she'd just had a coughing jag that cleared her garbled voice, she sounded great.

Enough for one Monday. Let everyone be well ... or getting better ... for the rest of the week!

The kids are on spring break this week. My body knows that ... and appreciates it. It hit the snooze button so many times this morning that I'd never be able to count them all. At 7:06 I jumped out of bed and hit the shower. I was told at work that I looked like I'd just crawled out of bed ... and had to admit that I had. Hoping for an earlier start tomorrow morning.

I still came home from work, made dinner, and crashed on the comfy chair for a bit. And didn't walk again. This is getting frustrating! Did make a trip to the shoe store and met with one pair of success. Then a stop at WalMart. Did mental calculation of the total this evening and came downright close. Thank goodness we didn't need a whole lot. Don't think my brain could figure out really big numbers. :)

And now ... I prefer to end this Monday and head for bed!

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Anonymous said...

I wished you lived closer, I would totally walk and walk with you. Makes me a tad nervous to go bymyself around here. Just too many moose. Neighbors told me to be careful, so then that made me stop and re-think. I need a walking partner. Will have some when the roads clear, my little ones. But I would like an adult one, with mini eggs in her pocket:)