Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Survived a Monday

Well ... I survived a Monday. It really wasn't Monday, but it sure felt like it. Seems like any first day back to work is a Monday type of day and I'm just "not there" for it. Today should be better.

My laundry room is taking shape. Should have gone down and taken a picture last night as I'm sure it will be even more together before I come home today. It looks like it is going to be huge! I will certainly have enough room for a clothes line. As well as hanging things on hangers. How many jackets does a person need? We are well beyond the need category, but I just can't part with them. Can't wait to hang a rod in that room as well.

Which brings me to laundry soap. Does anyone use Kirkland dry laundry soap? I was getting the left over bits of white left in the laundry. Highly annoying. So I switched to Kirkland liquid. That was even worse. The clothes didn't have things left on them, but I had liquid laundry soap everywhere. Seems that no one can quite get the concept of getting that detergent into the washing machine without dribbling everywhere. Yuck. After trying that for several months, I moved on and back to Tide. Voila! It works. No drips .... it all dissolves ... and momma is happy!

This photo just sort of tickles my funny bone. Snow camping is not on my list of things to try in life. Will have to see what is underneath this snow in the summer time!


Anonymous said...

that picture is great! I wish it wasn't so cold that day, and I could have gotten out of the car to take more pics! Come to think of it, most of my pictures from up there were taken from the car!

Anita said...

Thank goodness we washed it hey? I'm waiting to see your pictures up. Almost done editing them?