Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am back in business!

I have a computer.
Forget that. I have a few computers.
I now have one that I am comfortable using and familiar with.
One that can go with me anywhere I go.
I have loaded the software I like that is easy and familiar.
Note that I do not like too many new things at a time.
Somethings, like photo software, just can't join us at the same time or it will send me for a serious loop.

We've spent another week at home with the girls.
No, they still aren't in school.
The administrator was at a conference Monday thru Wednesday.
School is in recess for whatever reason on Thursday and Friday.
That's why they start so bloomin' early here. They never go to school!
He should be back on Monday.
Maybe they'll start on Tuesday??

I've started applying for work.
Now that is stressful.
That would involve writing a resume and I don't like doing those. At. All.
I did what I could the other evening and whipped off 2 applications.
Here's hoping it doesn't take too terribly long to get hired somewhere.

It is hot.
You know it's hot when after the sun goes down and it's still 86 degrees you think it's comfortable.
By the time it really cools off, I'll be wearing all those winter duds for sure.
Anna was just lamenting today that she has too many winter clothes.
Maybe not.
Following an afternoon run to Target for still more stuff, I had a certain yen for a little of this ...

... at Pioneer Park in Fairbanks.

Cool weather will be coming soon to the desert ... I'm sure of it!

Monday, September 26, 2011

I keep trying. Really I do.

We're here and in our house. I still have boxes out in the garage. In fact, I still have dressers out in the garage. They'll make their way in here sometime before long. I think.
We've signed a years lease on this house and there's no telling what we'll be doing before or after that.
In the meantime, one set of china is in the cupboard and another still out in a tote.

The girls still aren't in school.
Thursday I was too sick to even try going to the school. I went to the doctor instead and am on antibiotics which are helping. I'm still coughing, but at least it doesn't feel like my spleen is about to be expelled every three minutes. I'm guessing that it has something to do with air conditioning blowing all the time and the dry weather. Let's hope this body adjusts sometime soon.
Back to school. Friday we went and attempted registration. Let's just say that I hope the rest of the school has it together more than the lady at the front desk.
Now we're waiting for a call from the administrator, with whom we have to meet, in order to get into the school. Hello??? They really need to get in and get started. Now!

My computer (I have a favorite one that I like to upload photos to and create on) did not survive the move. I think it must have been the heat of sitting in the trailer baking for a week. Can't imagine it was the shaking or jolting as everything else has come out in one piece. Hence, I don't know where to upload pictures from the camera. This is a serious dilemna causing me much angst. The Mac won't even read my external hard drive. Nor will my new IPad. New computer coming soon to a desk near me I hope.

Speaking of desks, we did a wee bit of shopping on Friday and Saturday. I don't move things like mops and brooms across the country. Nor do I move broken irons that you've been using just because you're not going to go buy another if it still works. I didn't move drinking glasses that I could buy for 59cents at Ikea.
We didn't have a desk or any number of other things. So we shopped.
It was Jari's first trip to Ikea. I probably won't get him back in that store too often, I'm guessing.
To be truthful, I rarely went to Ikea when we lived
here before. I probably won't live there much now either. There is one store that I am so happy to have nice and close. Office Max. We've been there 4 times in 4 days and didn't have to drive 45 minutes. Costco is another one. Not a great lover of the store, but I might frequent it more when it is within 5 minutes from the house. There are advantages to this big city living thing.

One of those advantages might be Craigs List and a much larger shopping base. I'm hoping to find one of these to replace the one I left behind.
(great piano moving company that comes highly recommended)

 I haven't decided what to do with this blog. Somewhere on my camera I still have fun pictures from our last days of Alaska Exploring. I really want to share them with you and I will. I just have to figure out how. Electronics stuff is not my forte. I'd rather bake. I'd also like to continue sharing our lives and the places we manage to stumble across. There is much to do, see, create and enjoy in this life. So very much to appreciate.

Until next time ... enjoy that sweatshirt if you're wearing one somewhere in this world.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our travels are finished.

This morning is the first that I woke in my own bed, my bedroom, my home. It feels quite wonderful.
Last Friday morning we signed our lease agreement on our house and headed straight for the airport. The girls and I have spent the past 5 days in Minnesota. We did a lot of driving, much visiting and topped it all off with a beautiful wedding. Last night we made it home and now begin the process of settling in. The girls need to get into school and the job searching will begin.
For now .... a cup of coffee while watching the palms sway in the breeze sounds like a good way to start the day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

93 and sunshine!

Today feels a little on the warm side.
I'm fibbing. It feels hot.
Enough to dip into the pool and cool off a bit.
Jari even joined Tia and I out there! That never happens!

The guys were back here with the trailer and dog on Tuesday afternoon shortly after 4 pm.
Exactly 4 days after they left Alaska .. nearly to the minute.
I'm not sure they slept much.
They prayed mightily that the truck would make the last legs of hills.
It's here and doing fine.
Duke has had some adjusting.
I wish I could get him on a scale.
I think he's lost a few kilos during this upheaval.
By today, Thursday, he's adjusted and is doing well.

Had lunch today at Jeanette's.
Benny & Jeanette always called us their "Arizona Kids".
Life has changed a lot in the last 5 years with the loss of Ben ... for many of us.
Yet it feels like coming home.

Tomorrow morning the girls and I are heading to Minnesota for 5 days.
They really should be tucked in school with their pencils and paper instead of galavanting all over creation.
For now we galavant.
Then we'll come home and start the busy of school and work.

In the meantime ... 6 energetic young girls are keeping Tia very busy at the moment.
Kenai Red Salmon is on the grille for dinner.

Wow! A comment from Sweden!
Time passes quickly and before we realize it, decades have gone by.
It has been 28 years since I visited you in Sweden!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Serious case of delinquency going on here.

The last post we were in Fairbanks.
This one we're in Phoenix.
After last rounds of visiting and those nasty good bye things, 3 of us caught a flight to Phoenix on Tuesday night .... of last week.
We arrived in the land of heat and sunshine with our precious cargo intact.
Us gals sort of ended up being the transporters of things that couldn't travel in the trailer.
I'm telling you. We have our priorities right.
The china got to ride.

Since getting here we've done some heat adjusting.
I will admit to several of us being nauseated the first day.
It's getting better and I don't think it has hit 100 today.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we have a house to rent this week.
It is a bit more pricey than I would have wanted. I am on the serious cheap. Really bad.
It does have a few amenities tho'.
The crystal clear pool being under the heading of "Really really want but not necessary".
Maybe necessary.

Over the weekend I was able to attend Mother's Camp in Prescott.
If memory serves me correctly, I've only missed the past 3 years.
It felt oh so good to be back there.
Next year the camp will be held at our own Kamp Kipa!! Can't wait!!

My computer was somewhere in Montana this morning.
We've had problems with credit and debit cards along the way through Canada.
Rule No. 1: Notify banks and credit card companies when you are traveling.
In case there was any hint of Jari's blood pressure crashing ... it's been held right up there!
I'm guessing that we'll have the guys back here tomorrow sometime!

In the meantime, wherever you are in the world, have a great day!
I'm working on a wee bit of sun to long unexposed parts.
Sadly those parts include feet and legs.
It has been a while!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Friday I finished my last day of work at Mat-Su Regional.
A lot of mixed emotions going on over that one.
I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know a fabulous group of people.
Oh, the things I have learned.
The Alaskan Spirit I have been witness to.
I have been truly blessed.

We enjoyed the Alaska State Fair on Friday evening.
Garsh. I love that fair. It is like several county fairs (or maybe just one) rolled up together.
Good greasy eatin'!

Saturday we headed up toward Fairbanks and North Pole for the weekend!
We made it!!
Right now I'm sitting on Charisse's couch and hooked to the internet.
Got the bills paid. Whew!
Last evening we ran to the Santa Claus House. What a fun place. I imagine it is just a humming at Christmas time. I'm a nonspender but it sure was fun to look around. We did give in to some scrumptious fudge.

An evening of hot tubbing and snoozing in the luxury camper parked in the yard.
Today we've got some places to explore over here and then we head back down toward Wasilla tomorrow.
Hoping for nice views of Denali and some photo ops of the gold and red colors around that area.
It was stunning on the way up here!

Blueberry mufins are making my stomach growl ... more updates later!