Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am back in business!

I have a computer.
Forget that. I have a few computers.
I now have one that I am comfortable using and familiar with.
One that can go with me anywhere I go.
I have loaded the software I like that is easy and familiar.
Note that I do not like too many new things at a time.
Somethings, like photo software, just can't join us at the same time or it will send me for a serious loop.

We've spent another week at home with the girls.
No, they still aren't in school.
The administrator was at a conference Monday thru Wednesday.
School is in recess for whatever reason on Thursday and Friday.
That's why they start so bloomin' early here. They never go to school!
He should be back on Monday.
Maybe they'll start on Tuesday??

I've started applying for work.
Now that is stressful.
That would involve writing a resume and I don't like doing those. At. All.
I did what I could the other evening and whipped off 2 applications.
Here's hoping it doesn't take too terribly long to get hired somewhere.

It is hot.
You know it's hot when after the sun goes down and it's still 86 degrees you think it's comfortable.
By the time it really cools off, I'll be wearing all those winter duds for sure.
Anna was just lamenting today that she has too many winter clothes.
Maybe not.
Following an afternoon run to Target for still more stuff, I had a certain yen for a little of this ...

... at Pioneer Park in Fairbanks.

Cool weather will be coming soon to the desert ... I'm sure of it!


Anonymous said...

Hej Anita
Jag är i BODEN och hälsar på mina föräldrar VALFRID och ESTRID det är 3,5 mil mellan städerna LULEÅ där jag bor och BODEN vi har just läst din blogg
Valfrid kommer ej fram till reino när han ringer dit
Hälsnigar från familjen jakobsson i SVERIGE

mrs. skoog said...

Good luck on the job hunt! -and I'm glad you can blog again!

Mom said...

Used the Swedish English dictionary
and tried to translate the comment
from Bernt Jacobsson. Couldn't find all the words!