Monday, September 26, 2011

I keep trying. Really I do.

We're here and in our house. I still have boxes out in the garage. In fact, I still have dressers out in the garage. They'll make their way in here sometime before long. I think.
We've signed a years lease on this house and there's no telling what we'll be doing before or after that.
In the meantime, one set of china is in the cupboard and another still out in a tote.

The girls still aren't in school.
Thursday I was too sick to even try going to the school. I went to the doctor instead and am on antibiotics which are helping. I'm still coughing, but at least it doesn't feel like my spleen is about to be expelled every three minutes. I'm guessing that it has something to do with air conditioning blowing all the time and the dry weather. Let's hope this body adjusts sometime soon.
Back to school. Friday we went and attempted registration. Let's just say that I hope the rest of the school has it together more than the lady at the front desk.
Now we're waiting for a call from the administrator, with whom we have to meet, in order to get into the school. Hello??? They really need to get in and get started. Now!

My computer (I have a favorite one that I like to upload photos to and create on) did not survive the move. I think it must have been the heat of sitting in the trailer baking for a week. Can't imagine it was the shaking or jolting as everything else has come out in one piece. Hence, I don't know where to upload pictures from the camera. This is a serious dilemna causing me much angst. The Mac won't even read my external hard drive. Nor will my new IPad. New computer coming soon to a desk near me I hope.

Speaking of desks, we did a wee bit of shopping on Friday and Saturday. I don't move things like mops and brooms across the country. Nor do I move broken irons that you've been using just because you're not going to go buy another if it still works. I didn't move drinking glasses that I could buy for 59cents at Ikea.
We didn't have a desk or any number of other things. So we shopped.
It was Jari's first trip to Ikea. I probably won't get him back in that store too often, I'm guessing.
To be truthful, I rarely went to Ikea when we lived
here before. I probably won't live there much now either. There is one store that I am so happy to have nice and close. Office Max. We've been there 4 times in 4 days and didn't have to drive 45 minutes. Costco is another one. Not a great lover of the store, but I might frequent it more when it is within 5 minutes from the house. There are advantages to this big city living thing.

One of those advantages might be Craigs List and a much larger shopping base. I'm hoping to find one of these to replace the one I left behind.
(great piano moving company that comes highly recommended)

 I haven't decided what to do with this blog. Somewhere on my camera I still have fun pictures from our last days of Alaska Exploring. I really want to share them with you and I will. I just have to figure out how. Electronics stuff is not my forte. I'd rather bake. I'd also like to continue sharing our lives and the places we manage to stumble across. There is much to do, see, create and enjoy in this life. So very much to appreciate.

Until next time ... enjoy that sweatshirt if you're wearing one somewhere in this world.


Anonymous said...

Don't quit the blogging business... You should just change the name to something like "living our dream" or "living the Marjanen dream" or "the JABABAT's dream" or something :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, don't quit blogging. Though I seldom comment, I love reading your blogs! Riitta

Ma and Dad said...

I also think you should continue the blog. We love looking at it but don't always comment.

Anonymous said...

I agree ... if you enjoy doing it, keep it up .... I sure enjoy reading it and looking at the wonderful pictures you post!!!
~ Joyce

Anonymous said...

i like to read it too! susie edwards