Thursday, September 15, 2011

93 and sunshine!

Today feels a little on the warm side.
I'm fibbing. It feels hot.
Enough to dip into the pool and cool off a bit.
Jari even joined Tia and I out there! That never happens!

The guys were back here with the trailer and dog on Tuesday afternoon shortly after 4 pm.
Exactly 4 days after they left Alaska .. nearly to the minute.
I'm not sure they slept much.
They prayed mightily that the truck would make the last legs of hills.
It's here and doing fine.
Duke has had some adjusting.
I wish I could get him on a scale.
I think he's lost a few kilos during this upheaval.
By today, Thursday, he's adjusted and is doing well.

Had lunch today at Jeanette's.
Benny & Jeanette always called us their "Arizona Kids".
Life has changed a lot in the last 5 years with the loss of Ben ... for many of us.
Yet it feels like coming home.

Tomorrow morning the girls and I are heading to Minnesota for 5 days.
They really should be tucked in school with their pencils and paper instead of galavanting all over creation.
For now we galavant.
Then we'll come home and start the busy of school and work.

In the meantime ... 6 energetic young girls are keeping Tia very busy at the moment.
Kenai Red Salmon is on the grille for dinner.

Wow! A comment from Sweden!
Time passes quickly and before we realize it, decades have gone by.
It has been 28 years since I visited you in Sweden!

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