Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Friday I finished my last day of work at Mat-Su Regional.
A lot of mixed emotions going on over that one.
I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know a fabulous group of people.
Oh, the things I have learned.
The Alaskan Spirit I have been witness to.
I have been truly blessed.

We enjoyed the Alaska State Fair on Friday evening.
Garsh. I love that fair. It is like several county fairs (or maybe just one) rolled up together.
Good greasy eatin'!

Saturday we headed up toward Fairbanks and North Pole for the weekend!
We made it!!
Right now I'm sitting on Charisse's couch and hooked to the internet.
Got the bills paid. Whew!
Last evening we ran to the Santa Claus House. What a fun place. I imagine it is just a humming at Christmas time. I'm a nonspender but it sure was fun to look around. We did give in to some scrumptious fudge.

An evening of hot tubbing and snoozing in the luxury camper parked in the yard.
Today we've got some places to explore over here and then we head back down toward Wasilla tomorrow.
Hoping for nice views of Denali and some photo ops of the gold and red colors around that area.
It was stunning on the way up here!

Blueberry mufins are making my stomach growl ... more updates later!

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