Monday, October 3, 2011

Back to the pencils!

I'm guessing that tomorrow evening will find me at Office Max with a list 3 miles long.
The girls are finally starting school tomorrow!
They are just as excited as I am.
Vacation is over.
They're really excited to get life moving along here.
I was less than thrilled to meet the Assistant Prinicpal today.
I finally got a call from the school this morning that we had a meeting scheduled at 2:15 this afternoon.
Fine and dandy.
I was serving lunch following a funeral but it worked out just fine.
The Assistant Prinicpal got my blood pressure up.
I finally had to ask him if he didn't have room in his school or just didn't want the girls there.
Talk about an arrogant jerk.
Let's hope I don't have to meet with him too often.
We will not get along unless he has an attitude adjustment.
Just who does he think he is anyway?! I do pay a itty bitty bit of his paycheck. He certainly isn't paying mine.
The counselor was a pure gem. She squeezed us in and did her best to get the girls teachers that she really likes and thinks will be good with them. I'm going to introduce her to pulla. The other ... maybe I'll make some prickly pear jelly or something.

We have had girls running to and fro. Girls coming and girls going.
It is so much fun to have giggles in the house.
I'm also doing some of the driving again.
Run this one here. Pick up that one there.
It is what I asked for ... and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity.

Enjoy your day! Ours is suppose to be cooling off a bit this week.
Not quite enough to equal the temps we had when I shot these about a month ago, but cooling nonetheless!

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