Wednesday, October 26, 2011

While living in a rain forest has never been ....

on my list of wants in this life,
having one in your own backyard isn't half bad.
The winter grass seed is planted and growing ...

and when I took these pictures last week ... it was still growing.
Maybe in patches, but growing.
This week it is even longer and I haven't been able to start the lawn mower.

Today ... my lawn mowing hubby rolled into town!
He's home after being gone on a long jaunt around the midwest.
So glad to have him home!

Today I also acquired another badge to add to my pile.
Assuming that my background check doesn't turn up anything untoward,
I start orientation at St Luke's in several weeks.
I'm looking forward to a whole new experience.
I was told that a patient stated, "It's like watching M*A*S*H here!", which means it is going to be a fun working environment. Good. I need that.
In my humble view, many times life is about trade offs.
We can't have our cake and eat it too, much as we'd like to.
Part of the icing on this cake is that, for now, I'll be working two days a week ..
during the week with no weekends, holidays or nights.
To me ... that's a great big bonus. At some point in the near future I'll cross train for another unit as well and then be able to add some more hours.
At any rate, it's icing.
The not so icing part is that it is a pool/prn position without benefits.
So benefit shopping comes next.

Gosh. I just ran to Paradise Valley Community College to pick up a course catalog for Anna. They don't have them. This is the first semester that they aren't printing them ... they need to accessed online. I'm not sure I like that. Flipping through a course catalog is kind of like Christmas Wish List dreaming through the Sears catalog as a child. I love flipping pages and adding post it notes, tearing out pages or dog earing the corners. I'm a paper gal.

Off to switch laundry and hang them out to dry on the drying rack.
A beautiful 80 degrees with sunshine and a fabulous light breeze.

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