Tuesday, October 4, 2011

... and they're off!

This is what happens on the first day of school over here.
They're walking. And the mom has to sneak out with a camera to get the backside view because they'll think I'm just too wierd if I ask them to pose for a minute. The walking. First of all, let's call that a miracle. I've been driving kids to school for so many years I can't begin to count them. It might help if I tell you that the oldest of them is 24 years old. This year the cherubs are walking. I can't believe it. I did consent to driving them. Only it comes with some serious consideration on their part. I'd ride a bike (thought an adult trike would be even better!) and pull a wagon with a child in each. Being as they're a little too big to fit two in one. We'd sort of make a train out of the whole thing. Then pipe in some ice cream truck music and sing (to a tune of my making) something like The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round. I thought it was a fabulous idea. I was nearly running out for the curlers and a good lookin' gown for the whole event!
They opted to walk. Party poopers that they are.
And better yet ... they had a good first day.

We had a good first evening of homework. I'm making new promises for the rest of the school year. I am going to be on top of this game. I am. I. Really. Am.

I'm probably not going to share the entire inside of my home with you, but I had to share one part of the dining room wall. Only because I'm nuts enough to hang brooms next to the table. Makes it convenient when I feel the need for a ride around the neighborhood. I was online looking for vinyl lettering but couldn't find anything appropriate for broom riding mothers. If you happen to have a fabulous quote, I happen to be looking for one.

The thermometer is reading 80 degrees inside and 66 degrees outside.
We had rain this evening! Good Arizona rain. Complete with thunder and lightning. It started while Tia and I were at Office Max picking up some school supplies. She was thinking the garage door opener's novelty was wearing off as we were headed to the store. She was loving it on the way home. Amazing how quickly our list of I'm Thankful For can change!


Joni said...

Sounds like things are falling into place there, and you're all adjusting well to being back! Every year at this time of year, Ami thinks we should move back to Az, too. He hates winter. We have a home and no work in Mn, work and rent a home in Finland - wonder if there'd be both in Az? :-) No, we haven't really considered that option, so I hope no rumors start from this that we're moving there.:)

Our oldest two bike to school (about 3.5 km.) It works for now, but not sure how it'll be when the snow falls. Maybe they'll ski sometimes, but ... my taxi will probably have to be ready to roll every day. Sound like Finland?

Anita said...

Joni - just get some fat tires for those bikes and they can go all winter on them. Yes, it does sound like Finland. Makes it much easier to learn it when they're young instead of starting as teens and thinking you need a taxi to get everywhere. :)

I'm thinking that for now Finland is your home. Is your house in Mn rented out? We would love to have you here, but those little mouths that surround you get first dibs. If Ami has work in Finland ..... I'll keep the rumor mill quiet.

I understand about the itch to leave. We had it every year in Phoenix as summer was working up to a full blown furnace. I didn't live in the cold long enough to get there. I still love the peace and quiet of a fresh snowfall.

Mom said...

Today's paper reports that the leaves look like fall but the temp
feels like summer. It was quite warm yesterday and promises the same for today. Your father went fishing yesterday: 2 northern and 4
bass. He is off again today. Hope he has good luck again.

Joni said...

Yes, the fat bike tires are probably what we need! They'll probably ski sometimes, too- especially Niclas loves skiing.

Our house in Mn is rented - and our detached garage is full of our furniture, 2 vehicles, toys, etc. We miss some of those things sometimes- but more miss the family and friends. At the same time, we live life here- and try to remember to think of it as a blessing that we have two worlds we know. Niclas had to answer this type of questions the other day for homework- 'Imagine you meet someone from another country ...' And then think how your life and theirs may be the same, and how different. Niclas knows both worlds well, and he sees few differences besides language (and candy choice!) When all is said and done, I guess it's an enrichment, tho' the moving and adjusting is not easy. I strongly believe that we plan, but God decides. That's why we're here.