Monday, October 31, 2011

First and most important ....

My hubby is home. He's still not feeling good. Still having the same symptoms, just not nearly as bad as before. This is a great puzzle over here.He did drive today and was out for a bit.
It may take a while, but a little better every day is a fabulous thing.

On Saturday while he was taking one of his many naps, this came to live with us.

My plan was to refinish it black. Shiny black. I've changed my mind. Apparently, refinishing a piano and getting it shiny black is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Will probably take me more than an hour or two .... and maybe I like it just the way it is. Either way, I am thrilled.
The three gals in this house have been missing the ability to sit and plunk out a tune or two. I do want some piano lessons for the girls. At least give it a try and see how it goes. Maybe someday I'll take some more myself. The only problem with this one is that there is no cover for the keys. I guess we'll have to take up dusting.

I've been trying a few different things lately. I tried felting slippers out of wool roving and they promptly went in the dipsy dumpster. I really should have taken a photo of them before I pitched them. Oh. My. They were quite interesting.

Then I moved on to crocheting slippers and felting them. I haven't crocheted anything for years. I started with these slippers. The crocheting went well, at least I thought so. Today they went into the washing machine for felting. They need a little fuzz patrol to clean them up. But worse than that .....

I really don't know what the dickens they need. I don't know what happened here.

Sort of looks like it was an orthopedic surgeon who designed this pattern. You think? I'll be flapping and tripping all over the place. Maybe I'll try and do some cutting and sewing to see if something can be salvaged out of this project. So far .... my projects are better left to digital scrapbooking!

Digital. Scrapbooking. I mentioned the loss of scrapbook pages before? While Jari was in Minnesota, our BIL Joe gave him a suggestion toward restoring our computer that had bit the dust. Voila! I could have done a jig but that would mean exercise. I could have done a cartwheel but that would have involved the aforementioned orthopedic surgeon. I could have burst into song ... need I say more. My pages got moved from the scrapbook program and ALL of them are now safely on the external hard drive. I could have redone them. I would have. I'd already started on that. However, there are days when some pictures come together just the way you want them to and recreating the whole thing just doesn't do the trick. I have massive printing to get done ... sometime after I get a paycheck or two.

I'm sure there are tomatoes that are better for drying than the ones that are one sale at Fry's this week, but I hauled home a bunch of them. The dehydrator is going gangbusters and Jari has new snack food.

He's a wee bit strange about some things. He's not eating my pulla faster than I can make it. He's emptying this container of any dried fruit or vegie that I put in it.

Next on my list ... beef jerky.
If you've made jerky before, which cut of meat is best to use? I can have the butcher slice it for me, but does anyone have any suggestions? Let me know!

Garsh. I need a nap.


Keilah said...

Your piano looks lovely as is. Especially with all the wall hangings and such. You recently moved, and you have pictures on your walls!! Already!! Oh my, my walls look even more blank now. lol

charisse said...

I have always used London Broil steaks. The thinner the better. Tell them to go as thin as possible. If you want a jerky that is softer to chew... use ground beef. Although that requires a jerky tube to compress it and squeeze out. When i make Charlie's hot n spicy jerky no matter what the directions say i marinate it in the refridgerator for at least 24 hrs.