Friday, October 7, 2011

The weather is absolutely heavenly!

Yesterday it started.
The season of No Air Conditioning Needed.
It's a whole separate season, all in itself, if you enjoy this climate.
Especially if you've spent the past 4 years without any air conditioning in your world,
excepting for your car.
The neighbors must have their themostat a bit lower than ours.
Theirs is running around the clock, kicks on and off.
I've got the windows open and the ceiling fans twirling.
Oh. By the way.
The sun is shining ...
on cactus in the front yard ....

and my beloved mesquite trees in the back.
I've been in flip flops for the past month.
To the point where my feet have certainly gone right back to
Desert Feet. Disgusting to be sure.

I've had several occasions in the past week to make some Monkey Bread.
Supremely easy to make.
Not one bit light on the calories.
Need a reason other than just my taste buds to put this pile of sugar together.

In the last week we've been having some partying goin' on.
A 60th birthday, a 40th birthday ...
and to top it off a It's a Boy After All Those Girls Party!
Frans & Jenny are expecting a bundle of blue
after many years of solid pink and lace.

The throng of young girls is always so much fun.

I've also been spending my week doing this.
This would be hunting for work.
I could probably find enough scrapping, sewing and other fun things to do
to keep me busy for many months.
However, all that busy still does nothing in the health insurance department.
I don't even know what the cost of continuing healthcare coverage is with Cobra,
but can take a rough guesstimate and it makes me shudder.
So I'm looking for something.
Many hours a day of looking. It can be a bit all consuming.

For now, it's all put away and the weekend looms ahead.
I don't know what we're going to do.
Anna just headed out the door with keys to my car in her hand.
Tia is heading out later.
I'm going to take a wee little nap ...
and then I'll decide what to do!

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Joni said...

Monkey bread recipe? Please?!!

How exciting for Frans and Jenny, and girls! A new baby is always exciting, but I understand how this is extra exciting!