Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Southwest Meatballs and A1 Steak Sauce

I know that my cookbook stash is nothing compared to some of you.
Some of you are serious collectors.
I quit collecting too much in the book department when I couldn't move them with me.
Or maybe it was when I finally accepted that the fact that I'll probably never have my own library.
The Joy of Rhubarb?
Yes, I kept it. Maybe I'll live in rhubarb growing country again some day.

There is one cookbook that will never leave.
It may get it's own 3-ring binder one day ....

because it is a serious mess.
Using this book takes a little fortitude.
Kind of like new math ... you just never know which number is coming next!

I did spend hours on the other cookbook today.
My lifeline cookbook.
It could still use another days worth of work,
but for now, I quit.
I can find the marinade recipes.
I can find the favorite salads.
I can even find the desserts.
All is good.

Even better yet, I can read them.
The sheet protectors are new.
The typing of many pages is fresh.
Ahhh ... it looks readable!

 While the recipe is sitting on the counter, I'm off to make Jenny's Southwest Meatballs.
This time I'm going to try not wrecking my muffin tins. Last time I burnt them beyond repair.
Anna is having a hankering for some baked potatoes ....
with A1 Sauce.

They didn't inherit those taste buds from me!
It goes on everything around here lately.


Now that hubby has made his presence known ...
he is in Cokato today making a surprise visit to his parents.
I've seen video of snow on his trek through Colorado,
I've guessed his location down to the restaurant he's sitting in
with the wonder of satellite "tracking".
It does give me a concern or two. This tracking business.
It was a bit of a hoot to tell him which establishment's table he was sitting at tho'.
Surprised him a bit!

Being as I can't get the lawn mower started ... I'm off to make meatballs!


mom said...

I am wondering why can't you put the meat balls on a cookie sheet instead of muffin tins? Your dad was going to make monster cookies tomorrow but as the recipe takes a
dozen eggs he'll do that some other day. He will however make a
loaf of bread.

Anita said...

The meatballs were a little on the moist side. Perhaps my bread crumbs were not what they should have been. I scored on a broiler pan at a yard sale several weeks ago and was going to use that.

The bread sounds really good! I was paging through a small book of Finnish recipes yesterday and found one for Finnish Hardtack that I thought you might enjoy! Enjoy the bread ... and the monster cookies!

The Rudstroms said...

I too have a bunch of favorite recipes floating around in my cupboard, though probably not as many as you quite yet. I'm trying to slowly put my tried and true dishes on a recipe sharing website.
( )

AND my friend and I have started a "Cooking in Bush Alaska" blog ( ) where I'm including photos of the cooking or baking process and the final product.

My goal one day is to make a photo recipe book that I can pass on to my kids. It's a big project but hopefully will come to be.