Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sometimes saving a minute just isn't worth it.

I have become a digital scrapper.
I still scrapbook some things in the paper fashion, but prefer the ease of digital when it comes to our photos and recording our lives.
I can hit the save button on my computer and (hopefully) things are just tucked away until I'm ready to return to them again.
The night before Jari took our computers apart in Alaska, I made sure that the photos were all on the external hard drive. I moved my photos, kids' photos ... all that good stuff.
I think I moved all photos with the exception of any scrapbook pages that I had finished that were not yet printed.
Then the computer didn't survive.
It isn't worth crying about. I still have the photos.
My program didn't survive either.
It was a sometimes frustrating and very inexpensive program, but I was accustomed to it's foibles.
My fun fonts are all gone but I know where to get them again as well.
This morning I got me a new scrapping program and downloaded it.
I'm not into a lot of doodads. I really prefer telling stories instead.
Before I started my day today, I decided to give something a whirl and see what happened.

I'm thinking it is going to be fast once I figure it all out.
Maybe this time I'll copy to external hard drive ... and print them!

Happy Birthday to my Dear Dad today.
Today is also my dear SIL Tarja's birthday. Happy Birthday to you Tarja!
Just think of all the parties we could crash if we were in Minnesota!

Being as I'm not in Minnesota today, the outside temp is a delicious 73 degrees and the pears are looking near ripe ... I'm going to end up with prune looking hands from peeling pears!

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Anonymous said...

Just curious what scrapbooking programs you were/are using. There's so many out there but I haven't found too many that are user friendly.