Thursday, October 13, 2011

My girls think I do nothing all day.

Really. They do.
They don't know that I finally quit 5 hours of open employment selection and application submitting at about noon.
I think they are under the impression that I'm eating bonbons and reading something other than the fineprint of job descriptions.
Which, by the way, are incredibly vague.
The legal department probably recommended that, but I'm telling you it shouldn't be that hard. Really.
I'm just a plain and simple gal. (Unless you ask my hubby, he may have a different opinion.)
I am going to ramble on about the job thing for a minute.
I'm use to working. I'm not use to this not working thing.
I have time to run around and go shopping.
 I don't care for that much.
Run and scarf up deals at the grocer would be more like my kind of thing.
I do have an interview this afternoon.
I could probably use some practice at that sort of thing as it has been awhile.
Anyway, I feel like I NEED to be working.
Which then makes a person, namely myself, a bit too restless to even focus on sewing.
We are now among the nations uninsured.
Which, on the bright side, means we are now probably in the majority.
A whole different perspective.
So, I should find a job with healthcare benefits.
Ach. I don't like should.

Yesterday I told you my hands would look like prunes?
They didn't.
I'm really bummed out that I didn't buy more of the pears the other day.
I'll have to watch for another humdinger sale and hope there is one being as I'm definately not going to make it to an orchard.
At least not as long as I have bonbons to take care of!

Because, just like the tomatoes and carrots, my dear hubby eats pears straight out of the dehydrator.


Caroline said...

Oooh yummy! Good luck on the interview - and enjoy the bonbons while you're not working. ;)

Steve Finnell said...

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