Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday morning 2:24 a.m.

Had a nice drive this evening. Went to pick up that dear hubby of mine from the airport. Was there about 15 minutes early so I pulled into the cell phone lot to shut my eyeballs for a couple minutes. Sent him a text to call me ... in case I fell asleep. Then I got tired of listening to the talk show I had on and flipped the station. Aaack!! Not one word about a volcano eruption on the staiton I was listening to the entire time I was driving to Anchorage. (Am going to call and complain a bit.) Woke me right up quick. Heard that 3 AK Airlines flights were diverted. Headed to the terminal and got the texts from Jari as I was pulling into the pay lot. "Go home", followed by "In Seattle".

So I went home. We come home from shopping empty handed ... I came home empty trucked.

On the way I tried to stop and buy some coffee. In Eagle River, between here and Anchorage, one gas station was closed. Sign taped on the door said "Closed due to Volcano Eruption". Will folks look for any excuse or what!? I did find my coffee. All was good.

Hubby dear is in a Mariott in Seattle for the night. Will see what tomorrow brings. Maybe stay there (airlines only foots the bill for one night) or they'll fly him (along with a plane full of folks) back to Phoenix.

I think he secretly like the heat there. :)

Tonite I found all kinds of things to be thankful for. The National Weather Service, the folks who track these lovely volcanos, the airline and their pilots, and a hubby who is safe and sound .... even if he isn't home quite yet.

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Joyce Kallinen said...

Yikes! Volcanos there ... major flooding potential in Fargo/Moorhead ... blizzard blowing through the Dakota's and may be heading this way!! What next?

Great blog! I enjoy checking it daily! We have dreams of coming to Alaska sometime (hopefully soon) ... I'll have to keep reading here to keep that dream fresh in the mind (and really make that dream come true).

GP, Joyce