Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What to expect when you take kids to Target

I took 3 teens and 1 nearly teen with me last night and went to a few stores. My Target list only had 3 items on it. One, two, three! No more, no less. Things that I was in NEED of. Do you want to guess at what we came home with? My kiddos are pretty good. They know the clearance racks as well as I do. Had to chuckle when I was ready to leave the store and Anna took off saying "I have to look at the end caps over here." "Been there already" was my response! We did come home with some good deals, but I should know better. Adjust the mental shopping total according to how many bodies climb into the car on the way out of the yard. Fun anyway. :)

And, most importantly, I got the things on the list! I can bush my teeth ... soak my dentures ... and the girls can dry their hair!

It has been awhile since the kids and I saw rays of sunshine. Alyx sees them at the tanning place ... and I keep thinking I should head over there. Jari walked in the door and it was incredible. Look at all that sunshine he came home with! Anna wouldn't mind sharing some of it!

I need to get motivated to do something. Anything. I haven't been doing my scrapbooking in the mornings anymore. Still need to send pages off to get printed, but once they were done ... I stopped. Didn't really even dwindle ... just stopped. Maybe it is a mental thing. Once the mission is accomplished I sort of debrief and look for another mission. So the motivation goal list for the week is:

  • send off all scrapbook pages to be printed
  • copy all pages onto cd
  • delete, delete, delete and delete some more photos off my computer

Let's see if I can get that done before next Wednesday morning.


jodi said...

Hello, Bruce was lucky to see Jari, now how about you! Just a quick note to say Hi! ttyl jodi

Anonymous said...

I do really think that Jari was loving the warm weather!! Although he would NEVER say! All he could say was "too hot, can't wait to get back to the cold"...didn't fool me! :) And look at the nice color he came back with! wonder how long that'll last until he looks like anna again! :L

Anonymous said...

who is that with jari is it Anna or Alyx. To me n the picture it looks like Anna by the exprecone on the face but i might not be right because i might not be Anna.
Lindsey Kuoppala

Anita said...

It is Anna in the picture with Jari. Do you think she's looks older?