Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Fun Funds :)

This is the little Fund project I put together the other night. As you can see, ribbon is at a premium in this house. I had to "borrow" some from elsewhere and will replace it with brown ribbon once I find some. :) I tried to think of the things that make me frustrated regarding money. Forget the regular heating bill and that kind good stuff. It seems to be the other things that drive me crazy at times. Will see how this works. I intend to fund these little pockets on payday or when some other little pile of pennies shows up unexpectedly. I also want to add a name to the right side of this. Perhaps I'll call it Fun Funds.

Mom's Mad Money. The most important one. I often see things that I'd like to have and just don't pick them up. I can think of a hundred other things to spend the money on. It doesn't matter that I really CAN spend the $20 ... I won't. I sort of need to justify everything. That guilt thing or something like it. You won't believe what I'm funding my Mad Money with. The biggest thing is bringing my own lunch to work. I'm really bad. I hit the cafeteria ... and everyday (except for chicken fried steak and halibut burgers) it doesn't look any better. I just buy more food ... eat more sugar ... and get grumpy when I look at the paystub. So, the equivalent of those lunches will fall into this little pocket. There are other little things too ... but you'd think I was really over the edge crazy if I told you!

Exploring Fun: A little here and a little there ... Juneau ... Kennicot (sp?) Mines ... summer/winter visitors ... that kind of thing.

Clothes: Probably not for a big clothes hunting experience before school starts, but then again if I'm really good about adding pennies ... maybe that will work as well. One of many frustrations: kiddo desperately needs shoes and I just paid the electric bill, gas bill and the car needed tires. Will see if this one really works or not, but every bit might help.

Carribean: (Big grins!) Jari & I are planning on a vacation within the next several years ... and I might need some new duds. :) This one is sort of connected to the Mad Money. I also need to lose a few pounds. That is self imposed. If I quite eating the french fries .. I save money ... add to Mad Money .. lose 10# and need new sandals for the beach. Sound good??
Gardening: Self explanatory. I think I'm going to be spending a wee bit of money in that department this summer. I can smell the flowers already.
Christmas: Another one. We all understand that one. I should have added another category for "Other gifts", but we'll just incorporate the two ... maybe separate paper clips or something. :)

There are no sealed edges on this. It is open. I cropped manilla folders and attached decorative papers to put them together. It won't be flopping around in my purse or running loose on the kitchen counter, so it ought to be safe! After I use it for a while, I'm sure I'll find other Funds that I should add ... and I can always add some more pockets!
Now the hard part. Staying focused to fund the fund!


Becky said...

You might be able to generate funds by marketing these. It is adorable. You could attach "instructions" in your poetic fashion as you did for our quilt. They would be sure sellers! I marvel at your talent!

Anonymous said...

Super Cute!!!- Amber L.