Monday, March 2, 2009

Does this look like progress?

It really is.
When we bought this house it had sewer pipes, water lines, electrical lines (those are still a work in progress) hanging everwhere. The back part of the basement was used for growing some kind of green plant. This is coming along nicely. Jari has moved everything but the electrical lines so far. Add insulation, doors, dividing walls ... and voila! That far end will become my laundry room. It should have plenty of room! Even room for hanging retractable clothes lines. :)
The other end, closest to me, will become storage. This room is about 12 feet wide and 34 feet long ... should be plenty of room for organization.

Keep tuned for further developments.

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Anonymous said...

I'll for sure stay tuned for updates on this project! It's gonna be so nice for you when it's all done! and I am going to be mighty jealous of your laundry room!