Thursday, March 19, 2009


I've never been crazy about cats. Kittens are cute, but they grow up. So when Tia begged and pleaded, I relented. With the stipulation that the cat remain outside. She was soooo cute and so much fun that she stayed inside. And she really is a cutie. Follows you around in the morning waiting for you to fill her food dish. Hides in places and waits to grab your foot as it goes by.
Waits to see who is visiting before she decides whose bed she is going to share for the night. Folks have learned to close bedroom doors if they don't want company. I've decided long ago that having a cat is much easier than a dog.
She prefers to use the snow bank for a litter box. Will see if any of my flowers grow this summer or if her urine has fixed the weed problems for me.
She plays the piano. Sort of haunting music sometimes when it is the middle of the night and all are sleeping! Once in a while there is a great big crash when a flower vase takes a nosedive off the piano. Now I'm cat proofing the house!

The other night I woke at what felt like 3 a.m. to something annoying me. I must have had a piece of hair sticking up on my head. She was sitting there batting my hair around! Aargh!

Will share a picture of her destruction when I get around to taking one. Her favorite playground is the bathroom. Someone here loves to leave a roll of toilet paper sitting on the floor in the bathroom ... or leave the cabinet door open to the cubby that houses all those rolls ... just waiting to be ripped and shredded! She absolutely loves it!

She's quite a goofball!

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