Friday, March 27, 2009

Yippee!!! I'ts Friday!

Feeling sorry for anyone who is scheduled on a flight out of Anchorage today ... they may not be flying. :( Ash plume reached something like 32,000 feet last night with ash expected in Anchorage. Let's all keep our fingers crossed the folks up here that are heading to Minnesota weddings in the very near future.

Jari was out moving snow off the cabin roof yesterday and the snow is covered in something other than pure white snow. Probably isn't ash. We have had some mighty gusty winds for the past week. Typically they bring a lot of glacial silt with them.

The wonderful dentist beckons this morning. Anna, Tia & I were all scheduled for Monday morning. Yesterday they called, wondering if Anna could come in today instead. No problem ... Anna was thrilled to oblige! Got to sleep in another hour later than normal.

In the great accomplishments department ... I finished my book!!

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