Monday, February 23, 2009

The color red is becoming a favorite of mine.

Is it the color red or the sugar?
All of my strawberry rhubarb jam is gone, so I made a few batches of freezer jam after a Costco run on Saturday.
Absolutely yummy.
Or, at least I remember it that way.
Haven't tried any yet.
Maybe I shouldn't ... that dentist ... my yummy jam (not to mention the licorce) is going to finance his warm weather vacation over spring break.
The hot pad was a Christmas gift from my Mom. Marimekko material ... and I love it. I'm going to look for some fabric and fashion myself a few more!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know your mom made those hot pads...I should have her make me some!

Anita said...

She didn't make them ... bought them. What color would you like? Bright ones? I think I'm going to have the girls work on some. They are so fun.