Friday, February 6, 2009

Music is a beautiful thing

Espcially when it is your child who is playing. Anna hasn't been able to take violin lessons since we moved. There are no strings programs here in the schools. We left an awesome strings program in AZ. I could have found a private instructor ... and still should. However, this girl is motivated! The piece she is working on is my favorite version of Canon in D ... and she's doing wonderful at it! There is a group of strings folks here who play at various venues ... the library at Christmas for example. I need to find out more. I think she would enjoy it.


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Anxious to hear her play.

frans said...

Sounds like Anna just needs to play a lot at home for practice and it never hurts to have music playing in the background while you are trying to get stuff done around the home. Wish I could could be there to sing along with her while she plays. Though that might chase everyone out of the house. We think about you and your family every day since you left.
Frans, Jenny and the girls

Anonymous said...

I just left a long comment and it got deleted somehow!!! grrrr...
To make a long story short, I have been checking your blog daily to see if you have put on anything new...nothing. I am still showing the pulla baking post as the last post you did! I know, a serious betty moment! I had that page along with the comments on it bookmarked, instead of the main page of your blog being bookmarked!! So when Frans was reading me your latest posting tonight, I was like "what blog are you on hon??" anyways, just spent the last 20 minutes getting all caught up!! I love how you write and document your daily life, it's a talent i wish I had!! And I can't wait to see the whole scrapbook, those two pages are awesome!