Monday, February 2, 2009

Page 2 and Monday

Page 2 is up and done! Am now working on organizing the road trip pictures. I also managed to lose some pictures that I was going to include in this page. I found them on Bebo, but can't manage to find them in my computer. Frustrating. So much for my wonderful organization skills. Will see how long it takes to get the next few pages done.

The flu bug is hanging around. Probably need to get Brock to the doctor. He doesn't seem to be able to quit running to the bathroom. Today, Jari & I both started doing our dashes. I worked anyway .... spreading cheer and flu. Haven't decided if I'm going to stay home tomorrow or not. I could really use a day of crawl in the covers and just sleep it off, but am wondering if it will do any good anyway! Take some Ibuprofen and just bite the bullet. Will see in the morning.

We found out that we have another couple yard lights tonite. We must be half dibble. The lights have been there, but it is simply amazing! If you put light bulbs in them .... lights up enough of the yard that you can actually see out there. Might save a few spills.

Snow has been falling this evening adding a nice new white coat to the ground. Took a trip to the library with Anna & Tia earlier. Got myself 3 more books on tape. Now what am I going to do to keep busy while I listen? Have to do something so it is guilt free listening.

I tried to trim Tia's hair the other day and made it a disaster. She's waiting for a retrim. If this one doesn't work ... we are off to the hair cutting place tomorrow.


pam said...

What a darling page..

Heather said...

Love the page. Now that I have the internet at home, have to look at digital scrapbooking:)

jen said...

I'm thinkin' that I might have to, too!

Anita said...

Heather - you have internet at home now? Shawn is in big trouble! I'll let you in on the cheapie program I use and how to download oodles of fun stuff.
Jen - you ought to try this too!

Save all the tape for card making!