Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sunshine in my dusty windows makes me happy!

For at least 2 months of the winter, sunshine doesn't reach our house. I wondered how we would handle that, but it has been fine. Now I celebrate the return of the sunshine. I absolutely love it!

Seems as if that nasty flu bug is working it's way out of here. Brock is back to normal, Jari is feeling a bit better, and I went to work yesterday ... with Ibuprofen onboard. We were finished early, too many staff (wow!?), so I volunteered to leave shortly after 2 pm. I love extra gifts of moments. It was like I was given an extra 2 hours of time yesterday. They bought me: 2 naps, 2 trips to town, 4 loads of laundry, catch up long distance phone chat with a dear friend, yummy dinner, and 2 hours of PTO instead of 8. Not bad.

The forecast is for snow for the next 4 days. I've learned a little about weather forecasts. In Phoenix they were: today will be sunny and hot. Now they sort of have to predict when those clouds might dump something and it seems to be a bit difficult. Murphy's Law prevailed tho'. If we don't haul up wood, it will snow. We want snow, but we would really like some wood as well. So the boys were busy for a while yesterday afternoon.

My naps were punctuated with music. We have this chair in the living room that is super comfy for nap taking. The other one won't fit in here and is on the screen porch. Anna was determined to learn Canon in D yesterday and I felt like I was being serenaded with music. She is really good and is doing it on her own ... without an instructor. I'm so proud of her!


pam said...

Funny~ I just was asking you on your bebo site about whether or not sunshine was streaming through your windows....and wala! It is:) It make's my day when I wake up to that in the morning...nothing better than that in my book unless of course it is snowing outside:)

Becky said...

Amazing how much sunshine does for the psyche. We have had a very sunny winter. The trade off is lower temps, but I will take it to have the sunshine. A walk on a -10 degree day in the bright sun feels pretty awesome.

Do you end up feeling down during the dark months or is it ok? People must find ways to deal with the dark...

Heather said...

Do the guys want to come to MN and do more wood? We need wood cut and hauled:)

I love the sun streaming through my hazy windows. It really warms the house up. Hate to clean the windows as it would take away the prism effect :)

Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Yesterday, when I got home, Shawn wasn't feeling well. Hoping I don't get what he has. I'm not even sure what it is.

Shawn has been busy at home. He made summer sausage, venison hot sticks (loaves actually), and has pepperoni in the fridge to be finished today. It's fun to watch the freezer fill up with his creativity. A while ago he made bratts - 110 of them. Feels like we could feed an army:)