Monday, February 23, 2009


Why aren't dentists on our regular medical insurance plans? I don't get it. You meet deductibles with one plan ... and then another. Long before I knew what this week would hold, but after I knew that we wouldn't be in Phoenix, I scheduled appointments. Like my kids haven't missed enough school already! They're missing more.

One appointment for an exam.

Another appointment for a cleaning. (Now I really miss our dentist who did exam/cleaning together .. they had no hygenists.)

Then you start the work. By this time, my week of vacation is gone. The dentist is out of town on spring break and they are only open during the hours I am at work. What is up with that??

We are going to sink mortgage payments into teeth ... and I guess Jari will get to take them to the dentist. :) Won't he be thrilled!!

2 exams down this morning.

2 cleanings this afternoon.

I already need a nap.

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