Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday morning comes much too early

Saturday we went to go to the Willow Carnival. Last weekend we missed the Outhouse Race, but it looked like this weekend might be kind of fun ... and we'd never gone there. There was a Radar Run going on. Pay a very minimal fee, put your snow machine on the starting line and have someone clock your speed. There was a bit of chill in the air and exhaust fumes were hanging low. And ... my feet were freezing. I wore the wrong boots. Another interesting attraction was a collection of old snowmachines.

Hmmm .... it was hard making a decision on my favorite ... not that I needed to! This little bumble bee looking thing ....

or ... this one is sort of priceless. We had sort of planned on spending the day out there and it ended up being only several hours, but was fun to do something different!

And lastly, my favorite picture of the day! I don't know how to play with lighting on the camera and the day was sort of a white one. That probably doesn't make sense. I'll add another picture to show you. This would be Denali. The first time I've ever seen it. Can you believe that people climb it? Voi etta. So many people come here with the hope of seeing the mountain and it is cloud covered. So we were thrilled to be able to see it!

This is a white kind of day. Almost hurts to look at it.

Once again, no Hatcher Pass this weekend. Intentions were good, but by the time everyone was up and rolling on Sunday ... it would have been nip and tuck in the time department. It permanently stays on the list of things to do .. no need to add it back on.

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