Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday again

I loaded these backwards ... as is a bit obvious! This morning I started working on finishing the last couple of pages the I need to do to complete my year. Maybe they'll be done by the end of the week! Then I can send everything off to print. Am anxious to see them done.
Dinner is in the oven and I have a few minutes on here.
Kids are off school today and tomorrow. Alyx went to work, Anna is over at Wally & Lisa's and Tia is bored. Capital B bored. I'm tired. Exhausted.
3 days of work left this week!! I can't wait for a few days off. Was asked if I wanted tomorrow off and said "no thanks". The schedule is light and we are overstaffed for tomorrow. Eventually, if there are no willing folks to take the day off voluntarily, they will force days off. With 7 vacation days coming right up, I really need to work the 3 I have left. We usually have a lull after the first of the year. November & December are very busy. People have met deductibles for the year and are anxious to get elective procedures done. Not so this time of the year. Hopefully it picks up soon and things keep on staying busy.
We had a busy weekend. Friday evening I went skating with the girls. Well ... I didn't go skating ... they did. The boys joined us later. Too many people on the ice for my feeble feet. I sat in the warming shack and held babies. Nice trade off. :)
Saturday I got the laundry part of the basement organized. I love Lowe's organization department. Am rationing how many things I can get each pay day. Eventually I'll have what I want. Lawrence Byman was in town and we had a wonderful Parenting Discussion in the evening. Then did some web cam connection with my parents who are vacationing in Phoenix. Was so fun to see them and share a cup of coffee. I'm afraid Jari downed 9 pieces of pulla in front of them ... will have to make sure the freezer is full when they come to visit.
Sunday we had services and then a Youth Discussion. Nice day filled with uplifting activities.
So ended another week!
We could use some snow. It is actually 42 degrees outdoors and there won't be any left soon! Let's hope that if all of it melts we get a royal dumping. The yucky dirty brown stuff that is sand covered could really use a fresh dusting.
Off to do some "mom" duties!

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Joyce K said...

Looks great ... I loved reading your scrapbook pages! You sure have done a wonderful job with them. May I ask ... what program are you using? I would love to start doing some digital scrapbooking ... just don't know what program to use.