Saturday, January 31, 2009

Still no ash falling

and for those of you who wonder how close we really are. I'm adding a bit of a map for you. Has been interesting to follow this volcano in the working. Have had patients who talked about the last one and living with the ash.

Although it was about a 5 hour trip by car last summer to the Clam Gulch side of the mountain, it isn't that far as the crow flies.

I also had some incredibly fascinating patients this week who shared stories of the '64 earthquake here. What surprised me was that all of them talked about their amazment at what was happening, but no one was afraid. We really don't need to have that one happen again. Last week there was a 5.2 quake in Anchorage.

I got one of my chuckles this week while reading a History & Physical on a patient. The surgeon had written that "last summer while on a trip to America" ..... Where are we? I am used to hearing "lower 48" and other things. A first for me was this America thing. Altho', talking (and chuckling) with other nurses, I found that it was often referred to that way. And to give the writer credit ... he is nearing retirement.

We tried buying a heating stove this week on ebay. "Free shipping in the United States" was very clearly in their ad. Jari checked ... because we now know better. Not free to Alaska. Maybe we really aren't in the United States of America.

Does that mean I won't have to pay the IRS in April?

I cheated for dinner ... the pizza is here! Gotta run!

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