Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No snow at my house

The weatherman has a problem with the truth.
We've been waiting, waiting, waiting for more snow.
I did scoop dog poop last Saturday. That was great.
Give it a good kick and it flies loose from the frozen ground.
We've had a bit too much of this brown and "see everything you don't want to see" world.

Last night we were suppose to have snow after midnight. It isn't suppose to stop until Friday. It hasn't started yet. I'm still waiting.

Our yard, and many others, are still ice rinks. The end of the driveway is a bit sketchy. Makes you wonder if you're going to hit the trees.
Last Saturday Demetra decided to go visit the neighbors. Up the hill behind the house and then up their driveway. TWICE I tried to get her down from there. My knees are bruised. Should have worn my skates.

I just want some snow!!! I'm whining again ... I know. Maybe today will be the lucky day.


Anonymous said...

it finally snowed a little!

pam said...

Seems like no one can keep straight what the weather is going to do this winter..It's been crazy! Unfortunately..I fully understand that dog poop world! Yuck! We have the same thing over here. Love our lab but..seriously..:P

Heather said...

Thankfully we still have a lot of snow. I don't want to find what is under the blanket of white :)