Monday, January 26, 2009

Taxes, Tesoro, Toasted

'Tis that time of year again. For the most part, every receipt I have is entered into some sort of money program on my marvelous computer. I probably waste a lot of time doing this, but it makes me feel like I'm halfway on top of things.
On top of things doesn't help anything!
At least I can, with the click of several buttons, tell you that these vehicles sucked a lot of gas in the past year. It would have been cheaper to drive cross country several times than drive around here.
Mind you ... I know that we had the highest gas prices in the nation in the past year ... our diesel is still at about $3.39 a gallon ... a buck higher than unleaded.
I've heard plenty about grocery bills that equal house payments. We seem to have nearly made it there as well. I haven't bought meat, with the exception of chicken, in quite a while. Our freezer is nicely stocked, thanks to some wonderful folks.
But, when the price of gas and diesel have you at nearly house payment levels ...
$10,887.57 is mighty close to real numbers. Might be missing some cash I put into Alyx's gas tank and whatnot.

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pam said...

Yeeps! That is a scary thought! I mean really..why does gas have to be that high?