Friday, January 30, 2009

A Year in Alaska

I started scrapbooking long before it was a trendy thing. Long before cute rub ons and doodads. Instead I liked to doodle ... and tell little stories along the way.
The only problem with the scrapping stuff is all the STUFF! And I don't have one of those cute little nooks that holds my stuff. To be perfectly honest ... I stole half the kitchen pantry for storage of STUFF. As much as I enjoy playing with paper, glue and cutter ... this digital scrapping is really handy.
Turn the computer on, file photos in findable places .... and hit SAVE when you're done!
I've been working on a book that I am calling "A Year in Alaska". Most of the year has been done for quite a while. This is the part that hasn't been. The leaving. And then the drive. My photos may be filed in appropriately named files, but they aren't in order. I need to figure out if a picture of a road with mountains (it isn't like we didn't see a few of those!) is in the Yukon Territory, Alaska or podunk nowhere! Those pages may take a bit more time.

I also have page 2 ... am saving it for you ... maybe tomorrow!

My wish has come true. It is snowing!! Nice big, fluffy flakes. As fast as Jari can sweep the snow off the steps, it is back again. Now that the sun is up a bit longer everyday ... perhaps I'll get to snap a picture for you when I get home.
I see snow activity filling the weekend.
I'm ready for some. :)


jodi said...

Hey you have been doing this scapbook forever! I did one years ago and that was it. Jodi
We have a moll blog and it is lots of fun!

Anita said...

We have Kuoppala and Marjanen blogs as well. The Kuoppala one still gets some activity, but the Marjanen one has sort of stopped. Even Mummu is on Bebo instead now.