Friday, January 30, 2009

Mt Redoubt as seen last June

Our view of the mountain last June when we went to Clam Gulch and then on to Homer. We're all waiting to see what happens.

Kids have been getting hints and tips at school .... and THE plan.
Tip of the day from one of Tia's teachers: buy extra car filters now. Should the volcano blow, there may not be any.
Mom just called to see if we had bought any masks yet. We haven't. I figure we have an abundant supply at the hospital ... I'll just bring home a few. Wonder what Duke will do when we mask him so he can go outside to pee. I may have to follow .... just to watch!

This could be interesting!

I can't really feel earthquakes at this house like I could at the rental house. Jari has felt a few, I must be otherwise mentally occupied and not paying attention. I just notice when the pictures are hanging crooked on the wall yet again.

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pam said...

Do they anticipate it to blow anytime soon? I'm a little volcano-going-to-blow-soon illiterate:P Be safe there!