Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh my.

I think I have just a tad bit of competitiveness (sp?) when it comes to hubby. Or is it that he just makes me a little less chicken about some things. I went out for the evening ski tonite and turned around to see him behind me. We had these fancy matching headlamps on. Probably quite a site to behold! He had downhill skiis on and I had my x-country ones on. At least we both have ski poles. He decided to head up the driveway ... a thing I'm not crazy about without new snow. I followed, of course. And then being as he was with me I had this great idea to head up the road and cut down the trail through the woods behind the house. I lost count of the number of times I took my boots out of the skiis in order to stand up. And his downhill skiis are not meant for trudging up the road. He's such a trooper. I hugged a few trees on the way down ... and finally made it. That would be another one of those snow shoe treks ... not ski treks. Was great for giggles afterward. Would have been great with a camera ... riding the snowbank on the side of the road and trying to figure out how to pivot so I was heading the other way. Voi!

The temp has dipped to 14 degrees out there. I'm not missing the 38 and all the melting of snow. These icicles may be fun ... especially wondering if one is going to bonk you on the noggin when you walk out the door ... but the puddles they leave behind are threatening to life and limb.  The dropping temp also means something else.

My freezer doesn't have room for ice candles. Those were desert days ... now we wait for cold outside in order to make them. The freezer is rather full of that broccoli stuff. The porch is a tad bit warmer than the front door stoop. The candles at the front door haven't melted ... the ones on the screened porch hadn't finished freezing and what had frozen slowly melted. Now .... we once again have freezing candles. A bit late for Christmas, but we don't care. We have plenty of Christmas cookies and fudge left to eat while we gaze at glowing ice candles. Really .. who am I kidding? I'm not about to be out there gazing at them.

Countdown to Minnesota is on. 10 days to flight day. Can't wait to see everyone. I usually manage to travel incredibly light. Jari and I have been known to share one carryon bag. That is light. Almost helium light. Will have to wait and see what the weather looks like for the weekend when it gets closer. I don't think a carryon is going to do it this time. I'm second guessing the top I got to wear to the wedding. I'm good at the second guessing thing. I did get my hair cut this evening!! I have gotten very cheap about those haircut things. This is the second time I've gone for a haircut since we moved up here. Once a year seems to be the thing. :) In between times ... I have a great pair of scissors that are kept very close to the mirror.

Off to slumberland ... I'm exhausted. Between these attempts at skiing, playing tennis on the Wii (we didn't do so good this evening) and finishing my book ... I'm ready for sleep!

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