Tuesday, December 8, 2009


A day off tomorrow and I am playing at the dentist with the kids ... all day long.

Right now, I am done for the evening. Hours of doing science stuff with Brock. Really don't care to see anymore fungi or prehistoric birds or fish tonite.


jodi said...

Hi, My computer died and we lost everything...so i was trying to remember your blogger account..finally did, fun to catch up! Christmas card pictures are getting harder and harder to do outside..getting everyone around..including Bruce, who is out hunting till this weekend. They will be late..i like your idea about cyperspace pictures! Misssing you guys..Sending lots of love and godspeace, jodi

Anita said...

Missing you all too! When on earth are we ever going to be able to get together?! Feels like forever since we've seen you.

The last of the kids just left for school, but we were trying to figure out when to take a picture. If all else fails, I decided that I'd find the goofiest pictures I have of them as little people and add them to a Christmas card collage. It might motivate them to be available for a picture. :)

Any luck with hunting? Have you guys been keeping busy?