Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This one probably makes Frans shudder

because I know he doesn't like anything on the refrigerator door ... and this may be just a wee bit of overdoing it!

What on earth do you do with all these things?
  • list of phone numbers for each of us
  • the turkey with things to be thankful for (at least I'm assuming) in French
  • coupons for cereal that I'm never going to remember to bring to the store
  • a postcard from Suvis in Finland last summer
  • magnets that encourage a person to stop smoking
  • a fabulous card from Grandpa
  • 2 months worth of church calendar
  • insurance cards that should probably be in the cars
  • a thank you card for a baby gift .. she really is a cute little girl!
  • several school photos from near and far
  • buried under all that is the photo from last years Mothers Camp
  • a phone number for the Bus Barn ... in case something gets left on the school bus .. let's hope it isn't a child!
I really think it is time to clean that door. It's getting a bit overpowering. Can I just pitch some of the magnets that say Go Marines? Let's see if I can manage to clean that off this week as well.

I am a wee bit tired this morning, but had a wonderful surprise waiting for me this morning when I walked into my bathroom. Roses. They are gorgeous. Special thanks to dear hubby for making my morning!


Forstie said...

How sweet is Jari!? What a nice surprise! Yes, Frans will shudder when he sees this picture!! but I love it:) Maybe I'll send you a few pictures of the kids to add to it! And the grocery coupons...why when I clip them do I not just put them in my wallet??? I do the same thing...put them on the fridge. And of course I don't remember them until I get HOME from the store!! grrrr! Happy Tuesday to you!!! I miss you!

Anonymous said...

When you figure out something that works to make it not look like that, let me know!! We have the same look at our house.
~ Joyce

Anita said...

Whew!! I feel relieved, Joyce! I figure it is a sign of life busily lived.

Anonymous said...

ha ha! I saw your photo and my first thought was, "what? how did Anita get a picture of MY fridge??!" Looks identical to mine...I even have the same cute baby staring out at me! LOL --Alisa

Anita said...

That does it, Alisa. I really need to get over to see the fridge!!