Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If you're counting ... 1 day 'til Christmas Eve

A few pictures from the party. My pictures are a modge podge of little people, big people, bad pictures, silly pictures. None of the birthday girl by herself on Sunday. But what good is a get together to celebrate 13 years if you don't have a few goofy girls around?!

And then you need plenty of food ... in case you forgot to eat at the last feast you were at 2 hours ago.

You munch that jello cake down to the very last morsel ... making sure that a good share of it ends up on your pretty party dress.

Then ... being as it is Christmas time and the house is full of people ... and there is a piano ... you'll join in Christmas singing.

And then the household (he came later when nearly everyone else had gone) will play games with Michael ... who has quite the scoot going on and is getting very good with those feet of his. Looks like a pinball machine when he gets them working!

So went an evening of birthday partying.

Monday, Federal Express showed up in the yard. Huh? What on earth were they bringing?
A root beer making kit for Tia from Ken & Donna. Fun!! We quickly made root beer. I didn't get any pictures. To be honest I was doing a bit of shut eye when they started and then we had to make the process a bit speedy as we were on our way to another birthday party. The root beer will be ready for the fridge today ... and we're going to have home made root beer floats on Christmas Eve! I should have her make ice cream as well. That would be fun. (Add to list.)

Christmas Eve tomorrow ... around here that means we open gifts tomorrow evening. Oh my goodness.

The girls are frosting cookies today. I really want to still make haystacks for Blayde. Will see if I get it done. Still need to make a grocery list for dinner on Christmas Day. We're replaying Thanksgiving ... have a turkey in the freezer ... we're eating turkey. :)

I do have to share this picture with you. Jari has been busy again. And I absolutely love the fact that my living room now has room for living.
The entertainment center made its way downstairs ... the final move. Love it. Love it. Love it!

So I cheated a bit .... one more picture. I flip a lightswitch and the trees light up. Ain't he just a handy fella?

I have other fun ones for you, but I really must go. We are having a potluck at work today. I'm not bringing anything nutritious .... I am introducing them to prune tarts and pulla ... with a few kiss cookies and a bit of fudge tossed in there. The tarts need to make it into the oven before I leave.

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