Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oooh ... it feels so rich.

This is sort of cheating. This isn't showing you the whole bathroom, but enough to know that the walls have paint on them. Jari went to Lowe's the other day and they had a medicine cabinet on clearance for $30 ... and he wasn't sure I'd like it so he didn't buy it. When we went on Monday evening it was gone. Gone!! Home Depot has the same one for over $100. Ugh. They wouldn't price match ... he tried.

After walking the aisles and listing the things we needed ... we came up with an idea at Walmart. Good ole Walmart. We needed a medicine cabinet and really didn't want one that we didn't like. Needed a light fixture and weren't willing to pay what Home Depot or Lowe's wanted for one. What to do? Walmart was on our list of places to stop so we hit those deparments first. Nixed the medicine cabinet idea. I'm going to build one instead. It'll be cute. I promise. Came up with the mirror and a light fixture for less than just the light fixture would have cost at the home improvement stores. Went for the brushed nickel look and it really looks great. So, being as we were saving money, we added the fun toilet paper holder stand. (Oreo hasn't figured it out yet.) And we added a new shower curtain rod. That was sort of in the need category. The other one broke and we were down to using a bright yellow nylon rope. It's fun around here! It is just amazing what a larger mirror can do for a bathroom. Doors, trim and floors yet to go. :)

So it is Thursday evening. I sort of wanted to be on call tonite and am grateful that someone gave it away for me. I'm tired. We have a houseful coming tomorrow evening. House is cleaned and dessert baked for tomorrow. Icing yet to go. I just want to hit the rack and call it a night.

Temp outdoors (in case you wanted to know) is down to about 24 degrees. The wind is avoiding our house and we've had some nice snowfall. Unfortunately for my camera clicking happy self, the world is dark when I leave and dark when I come home. We are back to that season again. It is gorgeous. You'll have to take my word for it. I see it for a smattering of moments every day. Let's hope it is still there on Saturday when the sky is light and I am at home.


Anonymous said...

Might make you feel better, we have
13 this morning. Our apt. is a
mess. Unwrapped stuff all over the
place and unbought stuff still in
the store. Still have sewing to do. Bake for the church bake sale
today; stash the sewing machine on
the floor for baking time. Can
hardly wait to go to sleep tonight.

Anita said...

Have a fun day! Sounds like pure bedlam over there. Isn't it just so much fun?! I would love to be on the ball and just enjoy some of the simple things at Christmas time. Free concerts, Colony Days parade, Christmas caroling, practicing music pieces with instruments for the Christmas program. And baking. Lots of baking. Can't wait to start that!