Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The family picture, Sunday School Program and Birthday

It was quite the weekend ... and I like to sleep in a bit now that I don't have to get the kids up for school. That means that I'm not on here as much as I like to be in the mornings. I'm snoozing soundly on my pillow for an extra hour instead.

We tried the family picture. The girls were in attendance. We had one boy. Then Boy #2 came outside and Boy #1 went inside. Jari had a screeching headache and wasn't in the mood to be smiling for pictures. So here is what we got.

Beautiful family, aren't they? :)

Off to the Sunday School Program. I really didn't get to see it.

I was hiding back there behind the cover of the piano. I tell you the piano is a treat to play. Was nice to have a program in the afternoon, not only for the daylight coming in the windows, but for the loooong evening still available afterwards!

Garrett narrated the program. It was mixed with a lot of congregational singing and was beautiful. This is the entire Sunday School.

The confirmation students, the Annas, read the Christmas Gospel.

The girls waiting to perform a musical piece ....

and doing a marvelous job! Next year I'd like to see them practice for Sylivan Joululaulu or something like that.

Don't they look just thrilled to be up there?!

Unlike this group of littles. Aren't they just the sweetest ever?! They could carry their tunes flat as a pancake and they'd still be darling.  We had a meal of pizza, salad and desserts afterwards ... with plenty of visiting upstairs.

Then off to the next shindig at our house. We tried a few more pictures ....

and came up with a few of these .... (I really can't remember if anyone was standing on tippy toes in this one or not.)

We certainly weren't in this one!

We had a fabulous evening with a houseful of visitors ... and right now I don't have time to share those with you. Maybe later ... tomorrow ... some other day. Work is calling.

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