Friday, December 25, 2009

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year

Christmas Day here in Alaska and the thermometer has read 38 degrees most of the day. A titch of wind in the air ... snow melting ... ice candles melting ... but beautiful!

We spent Christmas Eve at home with the 4 kids who were here. Alyx is working both days this year ... we missed her at home. We got plenty of game playing in. Many new games under the tree and a Wii downstairs. Will keep everyone quite busy!

Today we had Christmas Services at 11 a.m. and then came home to a delicious dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes (enough to feed an army or two) and the entire fixins. Our family is at the age where I need to start doubling the amount of Green Bean Casserole and stuffing in order to have leftovers! Amber & Ryan joined us for dinner and the rest of the day.

The clock is turning 10:00 pm and things are wound down a bit. Alyx is still at work. Brock and Tia are off skating. Anna is sitting next to me on the other computer and Blayde is lost somewhere around here. Jari is busily cooking the rest of the shrimp from the freezer and I'm Beboing, Facebooking and blogging! Bebo wouldn't let me upload any more Christmas greetings this evening. Says they don't want any spam ... would I please wait a while before I do any more?!

Looking forward to a busy day of catching up around here tomorrow ... and then another day of relaxing!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you all over there! Sounds like you all enjoyed your day! From Frans for Christmas, I got a digital thermometer, and it is reading 37 degrees outside! The yard is covered in frost! Today was pretty chilly all day...I love it! Looking forward to the weekend to relax!

Anonymous said...

Nice picture! We had a wonderful Christmas (other than a visit by the stomach flu bug)! Kids all left on the 26th,it is much too quiet around here now. Juha and Luke left to AZ yesterday, will be there until the end of this week. Will need to find some things to keep the kids occupied with during the break, like organizing in the crawl space. Gina bought a new sewing machine, so I know she'll find things to do. Kate is still hanging in there, she is 28 weeks now. The next goal is 32 weeks. She's gettting pretty tired of the same 4 walls. Was only 4 degrees when I got up this a.m., think the next few days are supposed to be somewhat colder. Have a great rest of 2009 and hope 2010 is even better!