Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I took a nap tonite ...

and almost, I mean really close to almost, didn't go outside.
But I did when the clock was nearing 9:00 pm.
I'm so glad I did.
Anna laughed her head off when she saw me heading out the door in my getup. I called her when I was done and invited her to the mudroom door to catch me coming in. :)

We have snow, snow and more snow!
Today the hospital sent all "non essential" personnel home early because of snow. The snow plows can't keep the roads clean. One lane going to and from Anchorage. I am so very grateful I don't work in town!
Last night I think I plowed 8 inches of fresh snow in my trek around the yard. Almost feels like snowshoeing at some points. I've been setting my timer on my cell phone for 30 minutes once the skiis are on my feet. Then I go, go, go. I'm unbalanced, unused to this whole thing ... but having a ball nonetheless.
Tonight I plowed another 8 inches in the same spot. Takes at least 2 loops before the track is halfway decent. Either way ... the exercise is awesome and it feels great to be out there!

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