Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Missing sleepin' in

I wish I could sleep in today. Was kind of getting use to it over the weekend. This is a rude awakening to be getting up in the morning. Wait 'til next week. I'll really be grumbling. Maybe I'll actually start getting up early again and getting some scrapbooking done. Haven't touched that in a coons age!

Fred is in Minnesota for Christmas. I had several goals before he comes back. I need these little markers in life to motivate me. Saturday I got one thing done. The laundry room is clean and the piles ready to be donated for tax write off purposes this year. Sifted through and grabbed the jeans and sweatshirts that I could use for quilts. Am itching to start sewing something as well. Has to be done before April ... then I move outside to play and don't intend to come back in until fall. :) Next on the list is a closet downstairs. Full of boxes of books, scrapbooks, and all kinds of goodies. That will be this weekend's project. I'm on all call day Friday and Saturday. I do want to work. I do want to clean. A good mix of the two would be great.

I have to share with you a typical moment around here late Sunday evening. 3 kids went ice skating. Thank goodness for drivers licenses. I don't have to be carting everyone to the rink. I just have to fill the gas tank in order for it to happen. At about 11pm on Sunday evening, my phone rings. The Tahoe is on 1/4 tank and .... oops! Someone forgot to look at the gas gauge. It has had an issue with something that sucks up fuel in the gas tank for a long time. At half a tank the thing thinks it is empty. It will continue running, but will not start once turned off if less than 1/2 tank. Jari climbs out of bed and heads out to meet kiddo at the gas station. We have many of these little moments around here. Never know what is coming around the corner next!

Had a good giggle last night. Jari is trying to sell the Camry on Craigs List.  Some guy calls last night and has questions about the car. "Does it run?" "Does it have windows?" Jari tells him that it has brand new tires on it and that if he wants the car for $300 he can have it, just won't be able to take the tires. We'll take them off. The guy says, "Then how will I be able to drive it home ... oh, that's right ... it doesn't run." Mind you, every word is spaced with time for synapses to connect in his brain. "Where is the car?" Jari tells him it is in Palmer. "You said Valley in your ad ... I thought that was Big Lake ... I'm way out in Willow ... that's going to take me an hour to get there." Special, stupid, stoned? I'm going for the stoned and I'm guess he might just make a great poster child for a good marijuana campaign. It's all too common here. Sorry, I'm judging a book and haven't even seen the cover yet ... but voi etta!!!

Time to boogie. Have a wonderful day!

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